Friday, June 01, 2012

Current Obsession: Dance Auditions of So You Think You Can Dance

I've realized that I frequently become fixated on inspirations. Whether it be a product or idea. I have to find out more, sometimes I have to find that product. This blog post is something I had to find out more about. I'm calling these my Current Obsessions.

I've been a dancer ever since I can remember, so any dance on TV draws my attention. I've been watching the dance auditions on So You Think You Can Dance and my 2 current obsessions are David Matz and Eliana Girard.

David Matz is a genius. His origins in movement are circus and using the Cyr wheel is not considered dancing by the show standards, but his movement is mesmerizing. Using the Cyr wheel to achieve incredible dimensional movement with such skill was just the best thing I've seen. I'm a huge fan!

Eliana Girard a former "pole aerialist" for Cirque du Soleil, who danced with Joffrey Ballet on scholarship and at Alvin Ailey Dance center. She has a strong ballet background and her extensions are beyond belief. She's one of the most impressive dancers I've seen in a long time.

By the way, David Matz is no longer in the competition of SYTYCD, but Eliana Girard is. So look for her to go far.

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Steph Han said...

I've never seen this show before but now I'm intrigued! David Matz is incredible--thanks for sharing these videos.