Tuesday, January 13, 2009

But You Still Act Like Puppies

My babies, Flick and Summer are 10 years old today. It seems just yesterday they were 2. It struck me how as dogs they are considered older and yet, to me they are still my puppies.
I had a conversation with one of my friends Kim, who breeds, races, and shows Whippets about aging the other day and she said that Whippets rarely look their age. She said that the dogs from the breeder that I got mine from live to at least 17. So that was some reassurance for me. I can’t imagine not having them around forever.
Ok, enough talk about end of life. My birthday present to them is to continue to treasure each day I have with my them and take good care of them so that they will continue to have long, rich, fulfilling lives. Which in turn fulfills us all. Happy Birthday my babies.