Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tutorial: A Wine Cork Valance

Really? A unique cork project? Yes! I've been scrubbing my brain trying to come up with a cork project that hasn't already been done. Not another corkboard. Not another trivet. But a window valance!
My ugly windows were in need of some sprucing up. First I put up an antique lace table runner as a valance. I put nails in the walls, hung the valance and then added decorative elements from the scrapbooking department of the craft store to the nail ends.  After that I set off to make my cork valance.
You want to learn too?

wine corks   

 eye pins
ball chain 

       ball chain connectors        
fun colored ribbon and lace ribbon that's firm                                            

Here's what you need:
wine corks - I used 18 but you can use more or less depending on the type of pattern you want.
eye pins - I used 25 but it will depend on the pattern you come up with. Take a cork to the hardware store and see which size you like. It needs to screw in good but not be too huge
ball chain - I started with 6 feet of small diameter ball chain and cut 10 pieces, 5 inches long
ball chain connectors with an eye at one end -20
jump rings that open -10 regular jump rings that you buy for jewelry at any craft store. Mine are silver plated.
fun ribbon - 18  3 inch pieces. You can buy cheap spools of ribbon at Michael's. My red ribbon was $1.
lace ribbon that's firm and has holes in it - I used 5 feet of antique lace, but it depends on the size of your window. This is what you will attach all of the ball chain ends to and it will hang across the window.

wire cutters
2 pair chain nose pliers

1. Lay out your corks according to the pattern that you choose. Mine was 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1

2. Attach 1 eye pin into 10 corks at one end

3. Attach eye pins into both ends of 8 corks

 So now 10 corks have eyepins in one end and 8 corks have eyepins in both ends.

4. Attach the ball chain connectors to the ball chain at both ends. Do this for all ball chain pieces.

5. attach the ball chain connectors to the eye pins of 4 corks that have an eye pin in one end with a jump ring. 
6. Attach the ball chain connectors to the eye pins of 6 corks that have an eye pin on both ends with a jump ring.

7. Lay out your cork pieces according to the pattern and tie the corks together with a knot through the eyepins. 

8. Tie the ball chains through the connector to the lace evenly spaced out.
9. You're done. Hang your lace piece with a decorative thumb tack to the wall pulled tightly.