Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kitchen Succulent Gardens

I was trying to think of some fun containers for more succulents. So I went to the thrift store and came across some vintage baking tins. They cost from $.50-$1.50. I purchased succulents from my local garden shop. They ranged from $2- $4 per container. The contrast of the greens of the plants with the aged metal of the baking tins really work well together. 

I drilled holes in the tins for drainage. 

These succulents were a great idea for the muffin tins. I could pull them apart and I've got 4 plants from each pot. So in essence, $1/plant.

 I put each plant in each opening and added some soil. I only used the soil from the pot that the plant came in, no extra needed.

I added some little pebbles over the soil. Looks great, doesn't it?

For the jelly roll tin, I bought an assortment of succulents and just planted them throughout. I allowed a bit of space for growth.

Again, add some decorative pebbles and it looks quite charming. For the jelly roll pan, you could put a candle in the middle and that would make a fun centerpiece. Or even a bigger planted pot in the middle.  It's fun to think what containers can be reused and repurposed for creative purposes. What can you come up with?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Succulent Obsessed

The other day after lunch out with my husband, I walked by a little shop that sold succulents in odd containers such as vintage tins, teacups, etc. I became instantly inspired. We immediately went to my go to garden spot which I will blog about later and bought some succulents. Home we went, and I went straight to Pinterest for ideas. I also ran around madly looking for interesting containers to plant these succulents in. I had only a couple. I already had this little baby head planter with this succulent that I had to show you. Pot by MudPuppy.
One required my husband to drill a hole in for drainage. I arranged most of the succulents in this container and then I wanted a few little containers as well for the extras.
I used a little mason jar for this succulent. I put a layer of lava rocks on the bottom so water won't sit on the roots. These succulents need very little water. We'll see what happens.
In one of the containers, I came across this little teeny offshoot succulent. So I had to give it the smallest of pots sitting on this old fairy garden chair. Cute isn't it? This succulent obsession is not over. I plan on thrifting for more containers and will be posting a step by step tutorial.