Monday, August 04, 2008

Winning, A Good Thing

I actually won a contest on one of my favorite blogs; Purple Pink and Orange last week. Yes, me. The one who never wins, so never enters anything. But I did and I did. Go figure. So what did I win? So fitting that because I’m trying to eliminate wastefulness in my life, that I believe it was destiny to win three re-usable ripstop nylon Kootsac bulk food bags. And just as it happens, they just opened one of my favorite markets this past weekend that carries many bulk food items so I’ll try them out today.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Inventory Clearance Sale, It's BIG!

We've been having some website problems on my regular website, so to ease the frustration and to make way for FALL, we're having a HUGE inventory clearance sale on my other site.
I have to let you know that much of my jewelry and accessories are now on clearance and moved over to my Etsy site at . Many items are marked way way down. And shipping is FREE to the US. So please hurry over because it's going fast.