Monday, July 21, 2008

Am I Acting Like My Mom?

I was trying to think of how to blog regularly when I really didn’t have anything exciting going on in my life and very little motivation to do anything on a daily basis. So a fleeting thought came to me when my son told me “you act just like grandma”. I act like my mom? God forbid. But why does he think that? (And how can I change that?) What are the things my mom and I have in common. Well stretching it a bit, she always has a BETTER way of doing things (every thing) than I have decided to do them and tells me so, often, well always. I on the other hand am happy to share the ways I have found to make my life easier, and the products and techniques for getting there. I personally don’t care if you choose to do them/use them, but I have found them helpful and we aren’t inventing the wheel here. I think that was a rather insightful admission, though some may think I am rationalizing a bit. I hope those of you that know me, know that I’m not.

So here goes tip number one. I have really been trying to do my part with recycling and repurposing to help save the planet. I am starting slowly but I am proud of myself for it. I started keeping the paper Trader Joe’s bags in my trunk so that when I go to Trader Joe’s I can re-use them. That resulted in getting to the checkout line each and every time realizing I left the damn bags in the trunk. Every time! Could not remember. I thought “ok, forgot this time, but next time I won’t.” Boy was that a wrong thought. But it was my intention. So if you are good at remembering bags in trunk, do that.

I then was reading Daily Buss newsletter and they had featured Neela Bags. OMG they are so cute and for only $5 each these lightweight, reusable market bags are portable but nice and roomy. I got several in a cute giraffe print. They fold up and Velcro pocket size and so I can fit several in my purse which I load up prior to my trip to the store. I have got compliments on these bags each and every time I use them, by people wanting to know where to get them. They should do well. I should do well with carrying out my intention and I hope I’m not acting like my mom here. If you use any bags, or no bags at all, that’s your business, I’m not being pushy.

So I hope you like tip number one. That was easy enough.