Friday, March 30, 2007


This is Dovey. She lives in my backyard and will be having babies soon.
This weekend I'll be doing a jewelry party. I've got everything together and being compulsive, I've been getting things together weeks ahead of time. There will be a giveaway where 2 $25 gift certificates to Bonnin Designs will be given away. I will also be including promos with all purchases from many of my favorite indie designers such as Sommer Designs, Lindsay's Candles & Stuff, Smoy Photo Cuffs, and many more. Plus sweet treats to eat, and wine to drink. If you are in the Tempe, AZ area around 1 pm on Saturday, email me and I'll give you directions. The more the merrier, as they say.

So I mentioned that I was ready long ahead of time which gave me the opportunity to take advantage of the world around me and do some photographing. So enjoy.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Bracelets Introduced

It's time for a little spring time celebration. You see yesterday I finally got a new car, so now I know I'll make it to my next destination. That's a lot to celebrate! New spring bracelets will be hitting the website soon. The Garden Bracelet, the one on the bottom, is a new version of an old favorite. And when I say favorite, I made a couple like those and they flew off the website within a day or so. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is the Funniest Thing

Talking Dogs
This is a hysterical video if you like dogs as much as I do. You know I'm a dog fanatic. This link was sent to me the other day and today I found it on Bark and Sparkle's Blog so it was a message to share it with you and also to link it so I don't forget about it. Enjoy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

This Whippet up Pretty Quick

I know, I'm not good on playing with words, but this was fun. I bought the crochet pattern from and it's a gift for someone we got our dogs from and who watches them for us at times. I have 2 whippets, which look like greyhounds, so why not? How is it jewelry related? Because it's wearing a beaded collar courtesy of me.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indie's are Showing Their Green

Boutique Cafe is showing off the green. If you want to shop for green handcrafted items by independent designers make this a place to stop. If you are an indie designer and want to show off your green items, you can post them and be in the running for 2 prizes. Go to Boutique Cafe and find out more details.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brightening the Day

There are big fires about 5 miles from my home and what should have been a really beautiful day has turned really ugly. It started out with Santa Ana winds which come from the desert bringing warm air. So we're talking 40 mile an hour winds. Top that off with a brush fire that got way out of hand and many homes are now threatened. We have to stay indoors now because the air is so poor. Sad. So to brighten the day, I finally edited the photos of the new jewelry that will hit the website this week. Remember the pink stone I found, here it is. I still have a call out to the shop to find out the name of it. It's highly faceted so it really sparkles. I have these designs in the pink as well as in Tanzanite blue. Can't wait to get them out to the world.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

As Seen on Nole Style and Beauty Blog

Thanks to Ayana for featuring the Spring Blooms Bracelet at Nole Stye and Beauty blog for the "Colorful Springtime Items" feature.

New Favorite

The Flamenco Collection is growing at Bonnin Designs and these Verdiales Earrings are my new favorites. Why? Not only do I just love the bubble look to it, but I have a new favorite bead that's in them. See the red beads? Those are faceted pearls. Huh? Well there is a sort of simple explanation really. There is a colored glass coating on a freshwater pearl, in this case it’s red and the coating is faceted. I just love them.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Seeking Shows and Jewelry Parties

I am currently booking shows and jewelry parties for 2007. If you know of any charity events that have vendors, handcrafted craft/fine art shows, or are interested in throwing a home or work jewelry party. Please contact me. I prefer the Orange County region at this time but I could travel into LA. Please contact me at bonnindesigns AT yahoo DOT com.
I will send more information about how the jewelry parties work, upon contact. Thanks.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Fresh Inspiration

Well, guess what I did today. Come on, guess. Yes, I went cross-eyed in the sea of beads that is to be a wholesale bead show. A bit overwhelming, but inspirational as well. I love this show more than others because it is right after the big February Tucson show, so a lot of the dealers have the newest styles and shapes in beads and silver purchased directly from the manufacturers right from this big show. When I go to this show, there are a handful of vendors that I buy from regularly, so I get a little extra special attention and pricing at times too. Thus, I came away from there today with some fresh ideas and yes, and empty wallet. I quite literally get my design ideas, just from looking at the beads and their colors and how they go with other colors right there and then. I got the most gorgeous pink bead. It has a subtle hint of lavender in it but not really and I can't wait to make something special to show off that bead. I also purchased some silver findings that are going to make the most gorgeous earrings you ever did see (I hope). Now I gotta go and get started....