Monday, May 21, 2012

Repurposed: Console Table - From Southwestern 1980's to Timeless

Our mission is complete. We turned a whitewashed pine, Southwestern style console table into a timeless piece of furniture that's got a walnut finish and has an All-style style. Is that a style?

You may remember my call for help from my readers as to what I should do with this console table. It's a sturdy piece of furniture that I wanted to repurpose rather than get rid of. One of my friends who happens to be an interior designer, came to the rescue with the suggestion on how to achieve the style. And a few of my readers helped me choose the darker finish.

This project took a weekend and a couple of extra days for a second coat of stain and drying time. We started out sanding down the original finish. This took my son and husband and lots of sweat. We probably could have got it done faster if we had a belt sander but it was fun to do this as a family, so I didn't complain.

Then my husband measured out and cut the 5x8 board to fit all four sides of the table as a skirt over the prior design.

He then hammered the skirts directly onto the Southwest design cut outs.
I bet at this point you're wondering at what point did I do anything. Wellllll, I directed up until this point and then I got the task of staining. No heavy lifting for me. Not when I have 2 guys willing and able to help out.

I used Minwax Dark Walnut and did about 2 coats, with drying time in between.

I'm really happy about it. I have another furniture project lined up. This next project will only require staining and a little accessorizing. Stay tuned.

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Steph Calvert said...

This looks great Shari!!!