Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Other Project

We have a boy dog and not such a large back yard. Most of my back yard is an elevated wood deck. Thus, I can't have much of a garden like I would like to. This year I decided to try growing some vegetables in terra cotta pots. So I have 2 grape tomato plants, 1 cherry tomato plant, one bush bean plant, one Armenian cucumber plant, one squash of some kind, and one Ichiban eggplant plant. The tomatoes are producing. The cucumber is growing and flowering. The bush beans initially produced a bit and are flowering again. The squash flowers and then falls off. It's alive but not growing. So proudly I present to you my eggplant. Ironically, I am the only one in my family that will eat eggplant. So that's interesting. We'll see where this leads or when I grow weary of keeping it up. I hope I only keep it evolving. Oh and I need simple eggplant recipes that even people that don't like eggplants will eat. Not eggplant parmesan. A little more interesting please.

Oh, Today the Pooper, I mean, the "Powder Room" was featured on Indie Fixx Blog with regards to the Feed your Soul Free Artist Downloads that I got from her blog. Thanks Jen.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bathroom Art Walls Completed, Well Sort Of

More than 3 prints, photos, illustrations, and frames later I thought for sure I'd have overflow into the laundry room with all of these prints. I got brave enough and started hanging. Just here and there, however it felt right. I did have one tongue-in-cheek request from artist Mincing Mocking Bird that his Cardinal print go over my Throne. No problemo, Mincy. Done!The details of many of these prints are in the last 2 blog posts I did so if you want more info on them... I did purchase many and downloaded some from Indie Fixx's Feed Your Soul Free Downloads and made them my own. (explained a few blog posts back)
So I hung and hung and hung and from the camera's perspective it looks pretty good.

I'm loving the combos of colors of the frames and the photos with the prints. My son even said it's less boring when he's in there. Hey, why is he in there? He has his own bathroom!
But from this perspective, you can see that there is much more wall space. I did buy more frames and will continue to be purchasing more prints. So although complete, it may never be complete. There is always up and there is always down. Oh boy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot Days Dinner Quickly

On hot days and when I have to run around there isn't much time to make dinner, nor am I really motivated to cook. This takes 10 min. I had roasted a chicken on the grill 2 days prior and my husband and I ended up being the only ones at home to eat, so there was tons of chicken left over. I threw this salad together and the best way to eat it is wrapped in a big Napa cabbage leaf. Unfortunately I didn't get that picture. But you get the idea. A big burrito. It's simple and you can make this with whatever you want. Here is my ingredient list and everything is cut up small:
Napa Cabbage cut small but reserve several outer large leaves for serving
Alfalfa Sprouts
English Cucumbers
Grape Tomatoes
Saifun Rice Noodles cut up with scissors (or any rice noodles)
Asian Sesame Vinaigrette (I love the one from Fresh and Easy)
Soy Sauce

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bathroom-Art-Walls-In-Progress II

Here is the space that I'm working with. Essentially a wall and 3/4 because of the towel rack and the toilet paper holder on the door side wall. I am going to move the plant to the side and hang a print over the toilet, I mean "throne" upon request by one of the artists. You'll have to see which when it's all done.

I've so far painted 26 frames and still have to get a couple more. As I was spray painting yesterday, another print arrived from Spain! Oy. Will this ever end?

My adventures at Renegade LA were very interesting. The artist above Robert Goodin just amazes me with his comic art talent. This is a postcard that is printed on wood. He has the most beautiful and fun prints. They are colorful and hilarious. I got the other one, perfect for the bathroom, entitled "The Man Who Loved Breasts". It's on the Home Page. Gotta laugh.
This next artist is Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios I believe everyone needs a Guinness Print in their bathroom to remind them of why they are there. (the white in the glass is the reflection, not the print. Sorry Eric.) I loved their selection of prints and linocuts.
I also found these hiding in the BugHouse booth. I love Bughouse art and wish I had room all over my home for their work but these little guys will be perfect in the bathroom theme. Don't you think? They are printed on wood. I'll figure out a cool way to hang them.

I also purchased pieces by Berkeley Illustration and met Ryan Berkeley, finally, as well as others. I will be hanging pieces today. I think the next installment of this blog will be the finished product. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Bathroom-Art-Walls-In-Progress

Vital Organs design by Sublime Stitching (Stomach). Embroidered by me on old felted sweater with scrapbook paper backing

Otherwise known as the pooper, I have this toilet room, empty, and boring. If you forget a magazine or a book, you're doomed. So I've decided this is the perfect little room to make into a gallery of indie art and my own as well (some photographs here and there and such). I'm still gathering and purchasing art, painting frames, and trying to figure out what started out to be a simple idea and my friend has titled it Briccolage. Oh my. A name to live up to. Here's a small preview of what's to come.

Indie Fixx Feed Your Soul free artist downloads- artist Elsita Mora. Printed on velum backed with patterned scrapbook paper

Also an Indie Fixx download. Artist K. Smith. Printed on computer paper. Used rhinestone and sequin flowers for the corners and scrapbook paper for backing

Friday, July 03, 2009

Have a Sweet 4th of July

Here's what we did to get ready for our block party: Made lollipop cookies. Recipe from Martha Stewart, humor from the Bonnin kid.

Don't eat the butter, sugar mixture, silly.

So good.