Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One More Nutcracker Post. Promise

If you know me, you know I have a love for Nutcrackers. I explained it in a post way back in 2006. And I also posted about my Nutcracker obsession, I mean love on Rare Bird Finds Blog this December. Did you Read each week? I felt I couldn't pass 2009 up without sharing a couple of my latest Nutcrackers. See this guy up on top? The closest one? He's holding a sign that says "Santa Cruz". I got this Nutcracker in honor of my daughter who's only wish in life right now is to get accepted to UC Santa Cruz. So only fitting to get a hippy nutcracker with brown hair like her. The other hippy with the guitar I got last year. (I totally forgot I got him until I unpacked him this Christmas. me bad).
Here are a few Nutcrackers that line the fireplace mantel. I have about 50 total now. I just got a couple more for Christmas and during the after Christmas sales. My funniest one is an M&M nutcracker that you can actually put m&ms in and push a button in the back and it spits them out. Awesome!!!
So as you can see, we don't celebrate Christmas around here, we celebrate Nutcracker. We don't have a Christmas tree, we have a Nutcracker tree. About 70% of our ornaments now are Nutcracker themed I'd say. Love it.
I got the wreath and hot glued little nutcrackers and red balls. I think it may be missing some on the one side there. hmmm.
Ok. for a little breather. We do have other things. This idea came to me with the excess stuff I had around. I think I shall improve the idea with lights with a white cord next year but this is what I had. Good concept, not great visual, but you get the idea.
Same with this candelabra. I had the candelabra and found these little ornaments at a discount store and attached them to make it more festive. I love the colors.
I made this last year and added the topper this year. Had to take another picture. Don't make one. I don't suggest it unless you have nothing to do for about a week. It takes for-ev-er to do. Tons of pins, Tons of buttons. But it's adorable and it's my heirloom to pass on.

One of these days I'd like to re-work a Nutcracker. I just need the guts to ruin one and change it and make it mine. I just haven't found one I want to mutilate yet. But I always have my eyes out for Nutcrackers to collect. Always.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Abundance Pretty Much Sums it Up

Abundance of food. We probably have already have eaten and will eat some more.
Abundance of love. We hope to have for one another and family and friends.
Abundance of laughter. The most important thing I think.
Happy Holidays and we'll see you back in 2010~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Gift I want to Show off

Since my sister rarely goes to her Facebook, doesn't read Twitter, or my blog, I felt it safe to show off what I made her. Or actually her doggy. I have to say that because my sister doesn't want a gift for the holidays. So this is for her rescue Lab, Rupert. So for you Rupert. I feel even safer since I never see YOU on the computer. I used the same technique I do for my mixed media photo jewelry art pieces, but did it for a doggy and I love how it turned out. I hope Rupert likes it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

National Cupcake Day!

It's National Cupcake Day today, Dec. 15. And to celebrate, because being of the cupcake lover and friend of cupcake makers that I am, I must celebrate, I am having a SPECIAL.

ALL cupcake necklaces and rings in my shop today and today only are 20% off. And you know I offer FREE shipping. You WILL get it by Christmas. No code needed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I've Been Up To This Weekend -The Dooce Gift Guide Results!

Imagine my surprise on Friday when all of a sudden all of these orders for Flower Ring Sets start coming in. On the third one, I contact the customer and ask her how she found me. She responds simply " :D " and I knew right away it was a good thing my weekend wasn't jam packed because I would be needing to be available to manage my Etsy orders. And good thing I have been. It's been amazing. You see, I am on the Gift Guide for her in the Accessories. See my Yellow Ring? Yeah, lots of those are now on their way to many homes across America.

Do you know about Dooce? Heather Armstrong? She's the first blogger that got fired from her job for blogging and now blogs full time. Read her story. It's beyond words. She has a bazillion followers and she's fascinating.

It's all about social networking people! My husband nags me about being on Twitter all of the time and I tell him I'm working...well I am...well some of the time. But this time it was about my friend Kristin, who owns Meringue Bake Shop and makes the yummiest cupcakes and surprises me frequently with them(oh, don't even get me started, just check out her blog and website) and our little twitter to each other. She says "hey did you see that @dooce is looking for products for her gift guide? You should email her." (in 140 characters or less) So I did. I emailed Heather some of my products that I thought might fit her aesthetic and she liked the images I emailed her and now I am just running back and forth to the store for more and more padded envelopes and to the post office to drop of shipments. I could certainly get used to success and my husband will never diss Twitter again.
Thanks again Dooce. You Rock!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Unique LA Experience

This was my first big show. I never had a booth. Typically only a table to contend with so walls were a whole new ball game. Jenn of justJenn Designs and I shared the booth and she made the poster in the back with my cupcake ring. I love it! Thanks again Jenn. So I took one side of the booth.
And Jenn took the other side of the booth. Her stationary items were a hit! Snarky is the way to go. They look so pink and demure from a distance, but up close, watch out.
This is how I displayed my mixed media jewelry photo art and feather-flower hair barrettes. Very colorful!
My couple earrings were a big hit. They got lots of laughs. See the pair on the top left, the wedding couple, this guy bought his fiance that was there with him these. It was so sweet. I melted. That's how it was supposed to be. Whatever's left will be listed in my etsy shop this week.
Here's my cupcake necklace and ring display. They got lots of giggles and oohs and aahs.
My flower rings are always popular. I added lots of new colors that also will be added to my shop this week.
The fun thing about shows is that I beg my friends to come and visit me and they do. Lisa came all the way from Santa Barbara with her husband, Rudy. Love them. She's wearing my red flower ring set. I unfortunately got overwhelmed and forgot to take pictures with all of my friends. Duh!
This is Ren. I finally got to meet her. She's a writer also for Rare Bird Finds. She finds "Cool Guy Things". The funny thing about Ren is that she's a good friend of Jenn and came to our booth to see Jenn and realized I was here too. Small world or what! I hope to see lots more of Ren, and Jenn. I think I need to change my name.
This is a sampling of the crowds at the show. Lots of people. Some overwhelmed. They seemed to forget how to walk or open their wallets.
I loved this lady's look. No offense but she had to be over 50 and she was rockin' this look. She was more indie than most other people there!

All in all I would have to say it was a fun weekend. Somehow food and baked goods kept popping out of nowhere to Jenn's side of the booth and so I never had to starve. Thanks again for that too Jenn! Normally I starve myself into a migraine. Also, I realized that the type of product that I have was at the right type of show because of the feedback that I got from customers. I will continue to do more shows. I would like to do more local shows however because I really want to establish a local following in Orange County as well. So that's a goal for 2010!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Cupcake Gift Sets- This Weekend Only!

What could be a cuter gift than a pack of Cupcake Crumbs cards with envelopes by justJenn Designs with a handmade cupcake ring by Bonnin Designs all together in a bakery box. These are going to be available this weekend only in our booth (719) at the Unique LA Holiday Show so we hope you'll stop by and pick up a couple for gifts. The website has directions and all you need to know.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I'd Love To See You This Weekend at Unique LA

It's finally here; my first big independent artist show. This weekend, Dec. 5-6 from 11-6 at the California Market Center Penthouse, is the Unique Los Angeles Holiday Show and I'm a vendor. I'll be sharing a booth (719) with justJenn Designs who has the coolest stationary and paper products and we can't wait! If you click on the poster above it will bring you to the Unique site with more details like directions.

I've been preparing since September actually.

I've made new products, made new displays, got a new banner, and have lots of fun promotional deals just for the show, so you must come. I really need your support. I'm super nervous too, but don't tell anyone. I'm sure once I get set up and going I'll be ok. I just really want to do well. I think I have some cool stuff, I just hope other people think the same thing. Please stop by and at least say hi.

I would love to see you and know you're supporting independent artists. We really appreciate that!

Plus, if you stop by my booth and say you read this blog post, I'll give you a FREE gift. (small bribe) It's worth it. Don't feel shame.