Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Antiquing and Crafting

I'm obsessive. I admit it when it comes to craft ideas that I adore. I saw this idea for spoon herb markers a while back and thought 1. I need herb markers and 2. how easy this would be to do because I have the letter stampers and the rubber mallet! So my mission was to find the right spoons. The spoons needed to be old, antique really. The kind that are silver plated work best and look great. This has been a month long task I've obsessed about. Ask anyone. I couldn't find them in thrift stores and they were too expensive in antique shops.  Last weekend I heard about an antique market and they happen to have some really cheap. Yay. I had luck. So I followed the instructions on this blog and made my spoons. 

As I pounded away in the garage, all of the neighbors came over to see what I was doing. Of course they wanted some. Good thing I bought lots of spoons....

And now I have the cutest herb markers around. I recommend you make some too.
And of course while I was at the antique market I got some more fun finds. I just have fallen in love with some Fenton glass. This is a Fenton Opalescent Blue Hobnail small vase. I love the light blue color. 

I have been looking for a cart for about a year for serving cocktails or just for serving food outside on the back deck. This was a total score. It was only $35!  Problem is right now; I thought I had a place for it, but I don't. I need to figure it out fast.