Thursday, April 29, 2010

Custom Pet Portraits - Mixed Media Photo Art

I love the face of the owner when I give them the finished portrait! It's always a huge smile. These pets are so adorable and have been a blast to work with, even if they are only digital images. Today I was featured on Rare Bird Finds. If you want more info on getting a custom portrait of your own. There is more info there.
The portraits are slightly different. This was for a Hawaiian themed room. I added a little flower for the theme.  The colors are chosen by the owners and the font portrays the personality of the pet. These all happen to be dogs, because up until now, that's all the requests have been, but that's not all I can do. Any pet will do!
Griffey passed away last year and this is an homage to him. He was an old guy and he had a mind of his own. He was very loved and he's obviously very missed. I really loved doing this portrait and wanted to make it just perfect.
Little painted details like swirls are fun to add as well. I use dots, so anything that can be done with dots is workable.
And of course I had to do Flick, my dog. He's got his ball here. He's a silly dog and full of energy as his picture and font depicts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Road

It's a funny story really, and one that as a crafter looking to find my direction, as I've been lost for sometime, it's quite ironic and something that I really needed. It was risky and at this point I was ready for it.  I walked into The Road Less Traveled to deliver some more crocheted stainless water bottle covers to the owner, Delilah a couple months back. We started talking and somehow it came up in conversation that I started sewing again. She said wait a minute, come here and left the room. I followed. She walked to a shelf with a whole lot of antique lace and when I say antique, it was truly that! And beautiful. See above and below. Above is actually more ecru but my camera wanted it white for some reason.
Petticoat eyelet lace pieces and some that where whole petticoats. I just stood there. She blasted all of these amazing ideas at me of how she'd love pieces of these sewn onto this and that and......... I just stood there thinking that there is no way I'd want to cut these things up and I don't even know if my sewing skills are good enough. What if I ruin it? But I took them home with me and said I'd consider it. So for weeks I looked at the lace, each with it's own story. You could see where they were repaired multiple times as if that's all that person owned.  I looked closer. There were holes in some areas. I began taking pieces apart very carefully listening to each story that was told. I respected each stitch and promised to waste none. I also promised to keep portions together if possible and will use them for skirt panels perhaps. I promised.
So with these petticoat pieces I utilized vintage buttons and buckles to achieve designs that would show off the beauty of the lace.
And also show off the designs within the lace.

Here is a top that has a buckle. The sleeves are vintage hankies. 

This top has a vintage button and a vintage buckle with the petticoat lace.  The skirt is a simple cotton drawstring skirt that I made and also made this removable petticoat lace overskirt that is attached all the way around with buttons. 

So now I guess I have a upcycled clothing line in a store. I would never had dreamed this even 3 months ago. See. You never know what road you'll take or who will guide your path. Thanks Delilah!

Monday, April 19, 2010

In Love

It fits in the palm of my hand and it's no bigger than a deck of cards but I'm so in love with it. It's my new Canon Powershot DS 1200. And it's aqua.  This little baby thing takes better pictures than most any camera I've ever had.  I get giddy with every upload. So clear and sharp are the pictures. Now I feel like I'm really getting somewhere!
It's got a killer zoom lens. The gold lights above were about 50 feet away from me and high in the sky. I could have got even closer!
This photograph I took over my left shoulder. It happened to be a super lucky shot too. Someone was walking by somewhere and their shadow was captured on the window through the water drops in the fountain.  Each of these pictures was enhanced with a photo program as well to make them a little more interesting artistically with color and or texture.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax Time

Did you file? Here's a little reminder! It's short! It's fun! Hey if you have to have a job like that, at least have fun, right?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Overwhelmed Much

Sorry I haven't been around blogging. I've been a bit overwhelmed. I have so much I want to share but I haven't had time to share it. Currently I'm making a bunch of items for a local shop, my kids are on Spring break, I had to try and get my little garden started, and I have been blogging a lot over at Rare Bird Finds . That seems to take some time and effort and by the time I get excited to come over here, it's nap time. Yup. I said it. See above? They like it too.
I'm going to try harder. Promise. If even for a little post and a picture. I'll be posting about my garden progress. Right now it's mostly herbs and strawberries. Nothing too exciting. I need to get with the program.