Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wardrobe Code Helps You Reclaim Your Personal Style

I learned last night, that if you dress with confidence, it can bring you power. This is an important mantra that Nicole Longstreath of The Wardrobe Code, lives and works by.

My friend Steph Calvert held a blog party at her home and invited Nicole and another person to speak, which I will share more about in tomorrow's post.

It was a night of fun food, chat, and homemade soda, along with the best damn deviled eggs from chickens she owns. The pun never ends.

Back to the subject I was talking about. Nicole likes to call herself a wardrobe strategist. She works with people like you and I, and not necessarily the people that shop high end designer fashions at department stores. Nicole believes that you can built a complete wardrobe with items in your closet and items from thrift stores. She helps you can reclaim your personal style and make it affordable. The reason she primarily shops from thrift stores, is that you can repurpose never worn, to barely worn items. Thus making it not only good for the environment, but also being able to shop many styles and not just one collection from one season at a regular clothes store. Nicole helps you shop quality items, so you end up with a curated collection of items you can easily choose from everyday. She offers 3 different and affordable services to help you reclaim your style. I encourage you to contact her and check out her website.


Aimee @ SmallAnchors.com said...

your article caught my attention b/c i just started following her on FB and look forward to connecting with her when i am back in SoCal next month!!! loved your post! :)

Steph Han said...

Just saw Steph's video--pretty cool!