Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Indie Designers Helping Others

Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast earlier this week with devastating effects, forcing hundreds of thousands out of their homes and causing at least 68 deaths, including 55 in Mississippi. Rescue efforts are currently under way, with many victims trapped on rooftops and in flooded communities. The area is experiencing a shortage of food, a lack of drinking water and no power to homes that are still standing. The devastation is unbelievable.

A community of Independent Designers have come together to help in the best way we know. A shop has been set up on Etsy , with donations in unique products from all over the world by indie designers. To suppor tthe effort, Bonnin Designs has donated a handcrafted one-of-a-kind necklace

All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund, which is providing hot meals to victims and rescue workers, as well as providing other much needed assistance such as shelter, medical needs and even therapy for victims. The initial goal is to raise $1,000.
Since yesterday, when the call went out to the indie designer community, there has been over $2400.00 of items donated! Please visit the Craft Revolution Etsy site and help support the Hurricane Relief Effort.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Item

It's been busy here at the Bonnin Designs Factory (my kitchen table). New Candlestick pairs have been born. Currently in turquoise/black/white (as shown) and also in red/black. $30 pair.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Got Tagged

I was tagged, what to do?
I've been "tagged" by a fellow Indie Designer. So sit back and enjoy, or not, a little bit about myself
10 years ago today August 26, 1995: Hard to remember that far back but I was probably preparing for my son's 1st birthday
5 years ago today August 26, 2000: Just got word of my 20th high school reunion. Began planning my jewelry and buying my outfits
1 year ago today:
yesterday: Went to 2 grocery stores and a farmer's market in search of good summer fruit for a decent price, took my daughter to her oboe lesson, worked on my website, emailed a friend in Florida to check on her status with the hurricane, watched a show about China, made homemade pea soup.
tomorrow: Flamenco class and then, whatever the day brings.
5 snacks I enjoy: Carvel chocolate chip frozen custard, hazelnut gelato, Dove milk chocolate, Munchos, green grapes

5 bands that I know most of their lyrics: (Now this dates me) Roxy Music, Earth, Wind and Fire, Thomas Dolby, Smiths, Talking Heads

5 things I'd do with a million $$: Put money away for kid's college, get a pool, Do a major business overhaul, Travel to Spain and stay for a month or more to learn from great Flamenco dancers, get a home or condo in a vacation spot.

5 places I'd run away to: Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Greece, and an African Safari

5 bad habits I have: Shopping for inspiration and coming home with a lot of stuff, boredom eating, computer addiction (or not so bad), shoe collection, putting off housework

5 things I like doing: Flamenco dance, eating sushi, Date night with my husband, wine, spending time with family and friends

5 things I wouldn't wear: a bikini, a hat(I look like a turtle), High heels for no reason, tight jeans,

5 TV shows I love: Survivor, Apprentice, Lost, DIY "Jewelry Making"(I'm on it), Sopranos

5 movies I love: Body Heat, A Little Romance, Hair, Pulp Fiction, Fargo

5 famous people I'd like to meet: Renee Zellweiger, Sharon Stone, Rupert (famous?), John Travolta, Jeff Probst

5 biggest joys at the moment: Getting my kids ready for a new school year, my new website, making my new fall jewelry line, my house, taking my dogs to the park and watching them run fast

5 favorite toys: Computer, digital camera, cell phone, boogie board, Viking Stove
5 people to tag: still deciding

Monday, August 22, 2005

Some New Fun!!

Bubble Barrettes $3 each at Bonnin Designs. Also, many more plus other fun stuff to be sold at the Orange International Street Fair Labor Day weekend at the ARTHUB booth.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sampler Sneek Peek for September

Here is my contribution to The Sampler for September. Cute, colorful beaded barrettes!! For those lucky 50 people, these one-of-a-kind barrettes.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Watch TV!!

I'll be on TV again as a guest on the DIY Network show "Jewelry Making" episode "Crown Jewels"
August 15, 2005
11:00 AM Eastern
August 15, 2005
10:00 PM Eastern
August 16, 2005
1:00 AM Eastern
August 20, 2005
4:00 PM Eastern

Please tune in.

Also, for any of the projects I've demonstrated on the show (for which there are many) , you can find the instructions on the DIY website. Just type in the search box, Bonnin Designs or Shari Bonnin and the project links will appear.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Coming Soon

These black onyx pendants are my new find. They are genuine onyx with a matte finish in these really amazing shapes. I have 2 necklaces finished (as pictures) but more designs and bead colors to come.

They will be available by Aug. 12 on Bonnin Designs ranging from $59-$79 each .
So let me know what you think. Get your orders in fast, I only have a very limited amount of these pendants and they will go fast. Send an email

Thursday, August 04, 2005

More Jewelry on TV

Jackie Guerra, host of DIY "Jewelry Making" is a big Bonnin Designs jewelry enthusiast!! She has been wearing multiple pieces of my jewelry throughout the show's existence. Here in 2 episodes, she is wearing the Pink Zebra necklace and a variation of it in Mookite stone. Yay Jackie.