Friday, February 16, 2007

The Year of the Pig

Happy Year of the Pig! In celebration of Chinese New Years, our Chinese Zodiac Necklaces are 10% off. They are carved in horn and hang from silk cord which is adjustable in length. Visit Bonnin Designs and find your Chinese Zodiac. Mine is the Rabbit. It's so cute.

In more celebration, on the food side try these this weekend:
Citrus fruits- signify wealth and abundance
Chicken- symbolizes rebirth (it's a stand in for the Phoenix Bird)
Dumplings- resembling gold nuggets, these foods portend prosperousness for the New Year
Oysters-represent amour to us, but in China represent good business


textile_fetish said...

Those are so cool! How long have you had those?

Shari said...

Oh thanks. I've had them on the site since mid-January.