Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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I had a necklace that I had made a while back that just wouldn't sell for some reason. Personally, I really liked the shape and the colors. Perfect for the Spring and Summer, so I decided to rework the necklace into 2 different bracelets, incorporating the same color palette but different designs. They will both be available at Bonnin Designs very soon. As soon as I upload them. They are made with lemon quartz, cherry quartz and Swarovski crystals with sterling silver toggle clasps. Now, please don't comment that you liked it as a necklace or I will cry.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! I just realized the biggest difference between jewelry designers and handbag/accessory designers: you can rework your items, we're...stuck.


Shari said...

Yeah, that is definitely true.

textile_fetish said...

I rip up things to rework them, but it breaks my heart. And I won't say how much I loved the necklace even if it is true.