Monday, April 23, 2012

Neon Painted Vintage Rhinestone Necklace - Tutorial

Statement necklaces are what's in right now. I've seen them all over and want one badly. Color always attracts me. You must know that by now. So I was attracted to the following necklaces like a moth to light. I have dreamed about these very colorful and vibrant neon rhinestone necklaces in the Pure Essentia shop on Etsy. I wish I had $300 to drop for a necklace, but I don't. I searched the internet for tutorials on how to make them. There was this one from A Pair and a Spare that spray paints the whole necklace one color. And there was this one from Ashley Treece, that gave me my jumping off point. First I had to find a vintage rhinestone necklace. I prefer to repurpose something old. A new one would be fine too, but the vintage ones have great shapes to them. Just be careful that if it's a choker, that it's not too small. There's no way to size them larger. I scoured Ebay and found 2 that I purchased and that same day was running errands and found an Estate Sale store by my home. I'm waiting for the Ebay ones to arrive.

And there it was. Not super cheap, but $20 was fine. Be prepared to spend $20-$50 for a necklace. Ok. I had my necklace.

Next was a stop at the drug store to buy brightly colored nail polishes. Look for the $1-$2 bottles. That's all you need.

Make sure the necklace is clean and place it on a piece of white computer paper. Figure out your design with your colors and it's time to begin. The paper allows you to turn your work as you paint. Don't turn the necklace. Leave it in place and just move the paper. Paint each rhinestone carefully but plentifully. You can drop a drop of nail polish onto the stone. It's ok to cover the prongs.

You can always go back and do another coat. Get a toothpick for any miss steps with the nail polish. You can use it to wipe mistakes. Do one color at a time. I started with a yellow on the large teardrop rhinestones and then I figured out my colors from there. You don't need to have them dry between colors, but let it completely dry at the end.

I'd love to have a group get together to do painted necklaces. If people could get their necklaces, and come over, I would supply paint and work surfaces.  Maybe even some food and drinks. Let me know.


Yolanda M. said...

Shari this is awesome!! wow! something I would never wear before but with all this colorful beauty I am in love. :) I'd get together and play.

elsie said...

I love this project count me in on a painting day ! Guess I should go hint down a necklace now...!

Steph Calvert said...

That is AWESOME!!! I'm always down for a painty get together!