Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Easy Custom Lamp Shade Tutorial

Let's just say that my daughter kinda ruined a lamp I had by messing up the lamp shades. No problem I thought. I'll just go out and replace them. Yes them. 2 shades. After 4 lighting stores, several department stores and even a lamp shade outlet, no luck because of the size that they are. So leaving the last store, I thought "time to get creative". And I had just the idea.

I grabbed a vintage feed sack that I had laying around and with spray adhesive, sprayed the shade, wrapped a lampshade in the feed sack and trimmed it to size with scissors.

Then the other one. No special technique needed, just confidence. I like the way it turned out. Don't you?

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antique glass lamp shade said...

I like it a lot! Custom designs are always fab, we can always experiment with the look plus are creativity talent bares all!