Friday, January 01, 2010

You're a Pretty Big Deal on the Internet!

You know how most of your friends and family just don't get you and your internet thing and have no idea how involved you are or how big it's gotten? Kirsten Wright and I have designed a t-shirt (nice ones in hot pink or turquoise) with the slogan "I'm a pretty big deal on the internet"

Let me sell you some more. You know you’re a pretty big deal when your blog or your Twitter has so many followers it amazes you. When you’ve had so many Etsy sales you can’t believe it’s just you at your kitchen table. When you have so many comments on Facebook or your blog you can’t even imagine who these people are. You know who you are.

Initially the shirts are selling as a pre-paid order. So you can go to the shop at and order the shirt for $25 which includes shipping. Once 50 are ordered, the entire order will be processed, and yours will be delivered to you. Our goal is by the beginning of February. The more you tell your friends, the more we sell, the faster everyone gets the shirt. So Twitter it. Blog it. We’d love it.

Also, you’ll see a button on the right side of my blog. You can click that button and be directed right to the T-shirt page to purchase the t-shirt. Easy.


Piggy said...

Cute tee shirt! Definitely an ego / confidence booster!

God Bless

stacy di said...

hilarious! I love it...