Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One More Nutcracker Post. Promise

If you know me, you know I have a love for Nutcrackers. I explained it in a post way back in 2006. And I also posted about my Nutcracker obsession, I mean love on Rare Bird Finds Blog this December. Did you Read each week? I felt I couldn't pass 2009 up without sharing a couple of my latest Nutcrackers. See this guy up on top? The closest one? He's holding a sign that says "Santa Cruz". I got this Nutcracker in honor of my daughter who's only wish in life right now is to get accepted to UC Santa Cruz. So only fitting to get a hippy nutcracker with brown hair like her. The other hippy with the guitar I got last year. (I totally forgot I got him until I unpacked him this Christmas. me bad).
Here are a few Nutcrackers that line the fireplace mantel. I have about 50 total now. I just got a couple more for Christmas and during the after Christmas sales. My funniest one is an M&M nutcracker that you can actually put m&ms in and push a button in the back and it spits them out. Awesome!!!
So as you can see, we don't celebrate Christmas around here, we celebrate Nutcracker. We don't have a Christmas tree, we have a Nutcracker tree. About 70% of our ornaments now are Nutcracker themed I'd say. Love it.
I got the wreath and hot glued little nutcrackers and red balls. I think it may be missing some on the one side there. hmmm.
Ok. for a little breather. We do have other things. This idea came to me with the excess stuff I had around. I think I shall improve the idea with lights with a white cord next year but this is what I had. Good concept, not great visual, but you get the idea.
Same with this candelabra. I had the candelabra and found these little ornaments at a discount store and attached them to make it more festive. I love the colors.
I made this last year and added the topper this year. Had to take another picture. Don't make one. I don't suggest it unless you have nothing to do for about a week. It takes for-ev-er to do. Tons of pins, Tons of buttons. But it's adorable and it's my heirloom to pass on.

One of these days I'd like to re-work a Nutcracker. I just need the guts to ruin one and change it and make it mine. I just haven't found one I want to mutilate yet. But I always have my eyes out for Nutcrackers to collect. Always.

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ren said...

oh that button tree is GORGEOUS! nicely done!