Friday, March 02, 2007

Fresh Inspiration

Well, guess what I did today. Come on, guess. Yes, I went cross-eyed in the sea of beads that is to be a wholesale bead show. A bit overwhelming, but inspirational as well. I love this show more than others because it is right after the big February Tucson show, so a lot of the dealers have the newest styles and shapes in beads and silver purchased directly from the manufacturers right from this big show. When I go to this show, there are a handful of vendors that I buy from regularly, so I get a little extra special attention and pricing at times too. Thus, I came away from there today with some fresh ideas and yes, and empty wallet. I quite literally get my design ideas, just from looking at the beads and their colors and how they go with other colors right there and then. I got the most gorgeous pink bead. It has a subtle hint of lavender in it but not really and I can't wait to make something special to show off that bead. I also purchased some silver findings that are going to make the most gorgeous earrings you ever did see (I hope). Now I gotta go and get started....

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm...yea...I get lost in the sea of stones at wholesale shows as well. I also lose track of how much money I have, so I really try not to go to them until I absolutely need something that I cannot live with out, or I'm trying to fill a custom order.

So hard to stay away though... hehe