Monday, August 31, 2009

Twitter and the Blog Connection

Twitter is a place that I get away to. It completely annoys my husband and my kids although my husband always sneaks onto Twitter to see what the pro cyclists are up to. I've caught him. Back to what I do on Twitter. I chat with friends on twitter. I network. I eat up time, but most of all, I meet new people; local people. Interesting people. And some of those people I have met in person. Some I have yet to meet. Last week, for example, @TwentyFour had a giveaway on her blog, Twenty Four at Heart. So I signed up. So did other people from around the world, she said. But a randomly I won. See above. Anne Taintor coasters and cocktail umbrellas which arrived today. Thanks Suzanne! She's a local OC person I've been wanting to meet. I could have met her recently but she was taking her son off to college. So this is karma that we must meet and share cocktails on me, apparently~

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

Congratulations again! Yes, there were people from Europe and Australia trying for those coasters! I hope you enjoy them. I can't wait until we meet IRL. I'm sure we will! : )