Monday, August 03, 2009

For the Bride or the Bridesmaids - In Red

I recently sold a red silk flower hair piece and found out it was for the bride so I thought I'd feature red handmade accessories for the bride or the bridesmaids.

Above is my favorite custom bridal bag designer, Becky OH! She has an amazing handbag shop as well and at the bottom of her web shop is a link to her bridal shop where you can order custom bridal bags. I've personally been involved in ordering 2 bags and know that she was speedy fast, has great customer service and you will absolutely fall in love with your one of a kind bag!

This adorable fire opal red faceted CZ heart necklace on a beautiful Italian chain is by South Paw Studios. There are many pieces in her shop that would be just perfect for the big day! I just "met" South Paw Studios as we are both members of the Etsy Twitter Team!

I have to mention my red Feathered Flower hair barrette because when I commented on Becky's bags the other day, she said how great they would pair up and that's how this blog post came to be. This Feathered flower hair barrette is a custom piece so if you are interested in something like it, please let me know through my Etsy shop , however I do have some pieces available for purchase now already made.


South Paw Studios said...

what a great article, yours has inspired me to update my blog! it needs a face lift
thank you for picking my necklace

From Nancys Heart said...

This is just a beautiful group of items. Makes me want to redo my vows just to have another wedding and get all dressed up again!! :D

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