Thursday, August 20, 2009

OC Blogger Awards

Many of you wondered what I meant when I posted on my facebook that I was going to step way out of my comfort zone last night. Well this is what I meant. In my whole adult life, I don't recall being nominated for an award, much less showing up at an event to see if I won. But that really wasn't the intention. I was nominated for an OC Blog award and thanks for many of you for voting for me. I really didn't think I would win. And I didn't. But more about that later. I really wanted to go to this event to meet other bloggers in Orange County and "network". I thought it would be a great opportunity to get away from the tv for an evening and see what lurks outside my driveway. I'm really glad I went. So with the support of my friend Kristin (we carpooled and she knew a lot of these people) we showed up at Wowzville.
It was an awards ceremony for the 2010 generation put on by's Kelly and Colleen. Above is Kelly. The evening was simply set up to meet other bloggers, enjoy some Dippin'Dots and other sweet treats and the winners were Twittered so people just checked their phones at a certain time. I loved that. Low key, not a sit down ceremony. No nerves. Not embarrassing.
This is Dana. She won in the Most "Creative" Blog Category (the one I was nominated in) She is a super talented sewer and has quite a following. Check out her blog, Dana-Made-It.
Had to throw in a little Orange Crush for the OC! There were lots of interesting sodas to drink also.
They had a photo booth. I had to try it~

My friend Kristin Ausk of Meringue Bake Shop and Suz Broughton who I've been looking forward to meeting. She's an amazing photographer and I hope to be like her one day. ;-)

I met so many really great people. I look forward to more meetups in the future. It was great to get beyond the recliner and out of the driveway, even though I did miss the premiere of Top Chef. Thank goodness for my dvr.


Summer said...

How fun for you to go! It is amazing what will happen when we step out of our comfort zone! Good for you for going!

Anonymous said...

'And I didn't.' Ha! You're a winner in my book, lady.

stacy di said...

what a fun event...and I think it's great that you were nominated, even if you didn't win!

it's always good to get out of our comfort zone every once and a while!