Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Home To Geeks and Crafty Lovers

There's a new place in town and it's just the type of place that North Orange County has been needing. It's a boutique and gallery for unique artists and crafters as well as lovers of tech and avant garde. The poem above says it all. It's Galileo's House of Eccentricities in Tustin. 482 El Camino Real  Tustin CA 92780.

The owners of Galileo's, Radha Martinez(above) and her husband David Martinez are not new to the concept of promoting independent artists in the community.  A few  years ago they owned "The Art Hub" in the Orange Circle. This new place has even more. One room is the boutique and gallery with not only local art and craft, but unusual finds, some only available at this shop and no where else, like Le Whif, from France.
This is the second room which reminds me of a lodge, complete with a cardboard moose over the fireplace.  This room will be selling new books (not quite there yet) but also is used as a "hanging out room" for any stoppers by. They can read (there are paperbacks available for reading), work on their computers, play games such as Atari, and even board games, and drink free coffee. There are tables and chairs and even cozy places to sit. I love this room. I wish I could take it home.
David Martinez happens to be a very accomplished artist and he has his work available for sale.
Oh, did I mention that my work is available here too? Things like these Beaded Felted Flower pins, and many other fun things not available in my Etsy shop.
How cute are these Robot Alarm Clocks?  I believe they make robot sounds to wake you up.
These are Felt Comic Pillows by Diffraction Fiber. I love the bright graphics!
Please support local artists and local business and shop and even hang out at Galileo's House of Eccentricities. Because of the location and the local traffic, the hours are daily 5- midnight.
They also have a Facebook page. Please go join and be a fan!


Valerie said...

Wow! That place looks amazing! I wish we had one of those here...(sad face) although if I am anywhere on the west coast I'll have to come and visit! (happy face)

kelley Hart said...

I feel a field trip coming on!

Smashgirl said...

Hi Shari!
I am very excited to be a part of Galileo's House too! I also love that they support the little guys, like us! Yay for Dave and Radha!