Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Easy Appetizers: Mediterranean Roll-Ups

This is such an easy and very impressive appetizer. I brought it to a party and people devoured it and all I heard was "mmmmm".  Above are the ingredients. I love Fresh and Easy products because they are inexpensive and the quality is nice. It's easier to spread  Whipped cream cheese, than regular. Get 1 container per each jar of spread. Get creative. You could use red pepper spread, eggplant spread, a sweet spread, anything that goes with cream cheese. I used a black olive tapenade for one set of rolls and an artichoke spread for another set of rolls. Get a pack of 10 Burrito size, which are the large, flour tortillas.
That's it.

Start with a layer, and it doesn't have to be really thick, of cream cheese. Change knives and spread a thin layer of spread. As you roll, it will move.

Simply roll from one end to the other and the spread will move to the end.

You will cut the ends off and not use them you will find because there's nothing in them and they aren't formed. Continue cutting lengths of 1 1/4 inches wide.

That's it! Enjoy. Arrange them on a tray and try not to pop them all in your mouth before company comes.

Another appetizer I suggest is get prosciutto, thinly cut and wrap it around breadsticks or cheese straws and serve. Easy.

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amkovacs said...

So simple, so brilliant. I will definitely steal this idea for my next cocktail party.

The only thing that I miss about Las Vegas and moving to Chicago is the Fresh & Easy markets. Delicious finds that are perfect for foodies entertainment.