Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking Forward to Keeping Warm

I was completely enthralled when I came across the free patterns for Toast and Toasty on A Friend to Knit With blog. It was a must do right now type pattern but of course, I didn't have enough stash yarn to complete the pattern the length the pattern asked for. Which turned out fine, because being a bit smaller, I made them only one inch shorter and added colors which I just love.
I knitted the green ones with Cascade 220 and the black color blocked ones with merino wool I had laying around. The pattern is easy and moves quickly. I think these will make great holiday gifts. I finished a pair as a one and 1/2 day project only about 4 hours total.
My next pair will be a more luxurious yarn, a bit thinner and softer.


textile_fetish said...

Those are SO nice! I wish I had a friend who knitted gifts for me. Not that it gets very cold, but there are times, you know, biking riding times for example.

Anonymous said...

Great gloves! I've made a pair or two like this before, but always as gifts... Thanks for reminding me, I need to make some for myself this year.