Friday, October 21, 2011

Pizza Cupcakes

I was really in the mood to make pizza for dinner but knew I didn't feel like pulling out my pizza stone. I recalled last week on Pinterest seeing these little pizza cupcakes and thought that was a great idea. I looked at several recipes. Some made dough, some used bisquick mix, and some used refrigerated dough. The common denominator was that you bake according to the dough recipe states. So I decided that I would use pre-made pizza dough. The fillings are purely your choice. Today this is what I decided to use. I purchased 2 packages of rosemary foccaccio dough from Fresh & Easy. The fun thing is that you can add anything to these pizzas and even change what you put in each one. I'm sure kids would love to help out. My kid however, would rather do chemistry homework. Oh well.

  premade refrigerated pizza dough- rosemary foccaccio from Fresh and Easy
  sauce- I used sundried tomato pesto from F&E
  prosciutto cut into small pieces
  shredded mozzarella
  black olives sliced
  fresh spinach

How to:
  1. Thinly coat each cupcake tin with olive oil.
  2. Make small balls of dough and with your hands, flatten and pull them until each one is slightly larger than each cupcake liner. Line each tin with dough. I used two packages which made 14 pizzas.

  3. put some sauce in each liner

    4. start layering ingredients and finish with cheese, then olives

    5. bake according to package directions. I baked mine at 400 for 20 min. And they were perfect!

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