Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Bathroom-Art-Walls-In-Progress

Vital Organs design by Sublime Stitching (Stomach). Embroidered by me on old felted sweater with scrapbook paper backing

Otherwise known as the pooper, I have this toilet room, empty, and boring. If you forget a magazine or a book, you're doomed. So I've decided this is the perfect little room to make into a gallery of indie art and my own as well (some photographs here and there and such). I'm still gathering and purchasing art, painting frames, and trying to figure out what started out to be a simple idea and my friend has titled it Briccolage. Oh my. A name to live up to. Here's a small preview of what's to come.

Indie Fixx Feed Your Soul free artist downloads- artist Elsita Mora. Printed on velum backed with patterned scrapbook paper

Also an Indie Fixx download. Artist K. Smith. Printed on computer paper. Used rhinestone and sequin flowers for the corners and scrapbook paper for backing

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belle said...

these are just lovely! what great way to spend time in the pooper