Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bathroom Art Walls Completed, Well Sort Of

More than 3 prints, photos, illustrations, and frames later I thought for sure I'd have overflow into the laundry room with all of these prints. I got brave enough and started hanging. Just here and there, however it felt right. I did have one tongue-in-cheek request from artist Mincing Mocking Bird that his Cardinal print go over my Throne. No problemo, Mincy. Done!The details of many of these prints are in the last 2 blog posts I did so if you want more info on them... I did purchase many and downloaded some from Indie Fixx's Feed Your Soul Free Downloads and made them my own. (explained a few blog posts back)
So I hung and hung and hung and from the camera's perspective it looks pretty good.

I'm loving the combos of colors of the frames and the photos with the prints. My son even said it's less boring when he's in there. Hey, why is he in there? He has his own bathroom!
But from this perspective, you can see that there is much more wall space. I did buy more frames and will continue to be purchasing more prints. So although complete, it may never be complete. There is always up and there is always down. Oh boy.


Kristin said...

how much wall do you want to cover? i think it looks great now! id love to do this in our bedroom.

Liz said...

Wow, looks spectacular! and thanks for using my print in your wc, so nice to see someone enjoying all the amazing work from Jen's Feed Your Soul project.

Shari said...

Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you don't mind your work in my "wc" where we can sit and admire it! Ha Ha. You're so talented and it's an honor to have yours and many other talented artists as part of my bathroom art gallery. Thanks again.