Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bathroom-Art-Walls-In-Progress II

Here is the space that I'm working with. Essentially a wall and 3/4 because of the towel rack and the toilet paper holder on the door side wall. I am going to move the plant to the side and hang a print over the toilet, I mean "throne" upon request by one of the artists. You'll have to see which when it's all done.

I've so far painted 26 frames and still have to get a couple more. As I was spray painting yesterday, another print arrived from Spain! Oy. Will this ever end?

My adventures at Renegade LA were very interesting. The artist above Robert Goodin just amazes me with his comic art talent. This is a postcard that is printed on wood. He has the most beautiful and fun prints. They are colorful and hilarious. I got the other one, perfect for the bathroom, entitled "The Man Who Loved Breasts". It's on the Home Page. Gotta laugh.
This next artist is Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios I believe everyone needs a Guinness Print in their bathroom to remind them of why they are there. (the white in the glass is the reflection, not the print. Sorry Eric.) I loved their selection of prints and linocuts.
I also found these hiding in the BugHouse booth. I love Bughouse art and wish I had room all over my home for their work but these little guys will be perfect in the bathroom theme. Don't you think? They are printed on wood. I'll figure out a cool way to hang them.

I also purchased pieces by Berkeley Illustration and met Ryan Berkeley, finally, as well as others. I will be hanging pieces today. I think the next installment of this blog will be the finished product. Wish me luck!!

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