Monday, March 03, 2008

Crafty and My Daughter

Jenny Ryan of Blog featured my 15 year old daughter's super crafty Science fair project, on the Craft blog today. It's a crocheted periodic table of the elements. It's so unique and she created it as she went along. It's the length of a bed and I'd have to say it's more of a wall piece than an afghan type piece. It took her 5 months to finish. Yay Emily!!! A+++ or bust.


AtPlayWithFiber said...

Very cool project!!

Anonymous said...

This is so, so awesome! I was just thinking about this project and wondered if she ever did it! I'm so glad it turned out! yay em!

Gypsy said...

Wowzer! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Great job! AND you must be so darn proud!!!!

JLC Studio said...

Wow! This is great...I could never have done this when I was fifteen (who am I kidding, I still couldn't do this at 28!) Way to go!!!