Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Already March?

Ok I admit I’m a slacker with regards to blogging. I just can’t pull my thoughts together lately to make it worth anyone’s while to read them. So today I’m going to give it a whirl. I’m currently consumed with kid stuff; keeping on them for assignments, getting their college funds pushed a bit, getting them to and from activities and school, and oh yeah, someone backed into my moving car in a parking lot 2 days ago, so my entire driver’s side of my less than 1 year old car must be repaired. Not like I have nothing else to do lately. Don’t you love those added bonuses?

I’m also taking time for myself. I’ve been trying to take aerobics and yoga at least 3-4 times a week. I need to fit into my pants, which all currently are tight. I refuse to buy bigger clothes since I should just get off my butt and move, but I hate how tight the crotch is when I sit down. SO uncomfortable. So what do I do? Wear sweats and the one pair of jeans that I do have that fit. Skirts too but I hate that my thighs rub together. Ok, TMI. But there it is, out there for the world to read. Thank God for body shapewear. I just bought the Barely There brand of shorts that are a bit high in the waist and are bike short length. They suck it all in. I highly recommend them, but not for everyday. You gotta breathe once in a while.
So you ask how my Etsy shop has been going. Thanks for asking. It’s going. Etsy is tough for jewelry because there are so many jewelers. I have some lower priced and more fun items listed. The Couple earrings are doing great and so are the Flower Hair Pins. I’m on my second batch of totally one-of-a-kind Couple earrings. Please help me promote these $15/pair cuties.


Gypsy said...

First of all...SO sorry to hear some one hit your new car! GAH...I hope that all works out!

OHMYGAWD How much can I relate to your entry!!!! Sigh...I have to get off my big butt and move more! I thought it was all the meds...but I feel BIGGER today than I ever have! I am 3 weeks off the meds...discouraged and thinking it MIGHT be time to call Jenny! I am just so sad about it. AND I just bought 2 pieces of undergarments to help...but I just feel worse wearing it accentuates to myself HOW large I am right now. I hate seeing that I now have my grandmothers body channeling in mine!

On your is a great thing I heard on one of my podcasts today (I think it might have been Craftcast) if you can get 100 people to buy $100 worth of your art a year that is $100,000 year income! That seems manageable! So try not to be overwhelmed...

Maybe get a visual board going...she was talking about that too! and your dreams may become bigger than you can ever dream!

You have to believe in yourself! I believe in you! : )

AtPlayWithFiber said...

Terrible about the car! ARG!! I'm trying to get back to the exercise thing after my hurt knee. It's seems so slow since I can't jog any more.