Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Output, Less Input

Wow, I feel like I was thrown face first into 2008. Now that I’m scraping myself off the floor, not because I drank on New Years. I only had a glass of wine, but because I wasn’t prepared for it. There’s just so much to do.
I found myself caught up in knitting and kinda put life aside for a while. A little break I guess you’d call it. Now I’m off my break and having to go full guns.
I already fulfilled one resolution and it’s only Jan. 3. I opened an Etsy shop. Because I had decided to focus my website on Flamenco items more, I still wanted to be able to offer current inventory and some of my faves. Now they are my Etsy shop.
My other resolution (and typically I don’t make resolutions) is to sell stuff more than buy stuff. Over the holidays I’ve just been shopping tooooooo much. Done with that. So when I say sell stuff, I not only mean jewelry. I want to get rid or cleanse this house a bit. I have things I need to get rid of to make more room, like an old bike, like some flamenco dresses and more. I think Craigslist and Ebay will be the way to go.

Oh, and use code YUMMY20 for 20% off including sale purchases. And FREE shipping is extended through January. After that, there will be a shipping charge.


textile_fetish said...

I'm going to go back and re-read that post. First, I had to tag 7 people for this blog thing and you are one of them. Sorry :( I won't be mad if you don't play.

Suzanne said...

Those cupcake rings are so cute!