Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Should Have Vacuumed Instead

Not bragging, but it's not often I have a disaster in the kitchen. I usually can salvage the dish, no matter what. But baking is sorta foreign to me and I was craving cookies. Inspired by this, I set off to the store to find my ingredients to bake cookies from scratch. Well, I only needed the chips because I had everything else. I was just asking for one little thing. But of course that was not to be. All I could find was the regular semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips. To me that wasn't enough. I like gooey. I also like raisins or berries, but the family isn't into it. So mini -marshmallows would have to do.

I went home and used the recipe from the back of the Hershey's chocolate chips that I bought. I added the mini-marshmallows at the end and as I mixed them, it hit me. This wasn't going to work but it was too late. It was going to be a mess as I was thinking of the 100's of times I made Rice Crispy treats. I checked the time to bake and I opted for 8 min. Maybe the marshmallows would just get soft in 8 min. I made a batch. Wrong-O. I got them out and it was a sheet of cookie dough and marshmallow spread all over the cookie sheet. Great. I waited for it to cool and chipped it off the tray in little chunks. My daughter said to save it because it would be good on ice cream.

Alrighty, attempt #2. I had the remainder of the batter and I sprayed a baking pan with PAM and spread the dough in the pan. A thick cookie, pan cookie, cookie-cake, whatever you want to call it. I cooked it. And you know what. I really thought it turned out. I cooled it and you know what? It didn't. Because there were so many marshmallows in there (I think I used a large 16 oz bag), it was mush. Eat with a spoon or fork mush. But it taste good. Problem is, I promised my neighbor some cookies. Now what do I tell him? "I suck at baking and wouldn't want you to laugh, so you're going to have to wait until my next batch"? I believe that to be so. And how often do I bake? About 2 times/year.
I think I may be turning into my friend Julie and her many tales of Bad Home Cooking.


a friend to knit with said...

hahaha! love this story!
they actually do look like they would be fantastic on ice cream! smart girl you've got there!

Alicia P. said...

Sigh. Been there :-)