Sunday, January 13, 2008

Celebrations and Rememberances of all Kinds this Week

The circle of life has definitely come before my eyes this week. In just one week we celebrated life, and mourned as well. It started with an adoption hearing to officially make my friends legally parents of their almost 1 year old adopted son. I was so honored to be part of that. I was just gleaming at the judge and the great role she plays on Tuesday mornings when a group of 15 adoptive parents, their friends and family line up waiting for their turn to be official. How cool is that!

When I got home, I opened a birth announcement from a friend. That explains why I didn't get a Christmas card from them. They were busy having a baby. They're excused this year. He is so cute too.

Later in the week, we heard news that a friend of ours passed away after a long illness. It was expected but it's still tough, knowing the pain she must have been in and that she left a husband and 2 adult sons that are just starting their independent lives. The funeral is today.

But today we also celebrate for it is Flick and Summer's 9th birthday. I couldn't believe they were 9. Last night I had to dig up puppy pictures and try to find a year they were born. We didn't get Summer until she was about 5 years old, so I don't have any puppy pictures of her. As for Flick, the only one I had on my computer was this cute one. His brown eye patch has faded and is mostly white now. Whippets seem to change color constantly. He added more spots in other places. So Happy Birthday to my sweeties. We will be celebrating as we can throughout today. I got them doggie treats shaped like lobsters because when our family celebrates special occasions, we eat lobster and drink wine. No wine for them though.

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AtPlayWithFiber said...

Happy Birthday Flick and Summer!!