Monday, June 18, 2007

Who Knew?

Well, well, look who got "promoted" to 7th grade. You see, the principal was adamant in the word 'promotion' and not 'graduation' from 6th grade which I do agree with. Either way, Ethan passed and will be headed to jr. high in the fall. Watch out, time flies when you're having fun.
With my mom in town for graduation and my husband home on Friday we thought we'd take a trip to the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace. Something to do. Truly. Kids stayed home to hang out, they weren't interested. The place is like 10 min from our house and it was such a beautiful day. The gardens were flowering and full with butterflies and bees. The museum itself was really interesting for me because of all of the gifts that were given to the family during their 'reign'. From the common US citizens to rulers of other countries. I'm talking crafts, people; pottery, sculptures, jewelry, folk art, you name it. Jewelry like you wouldn't believe too. There was one piece that was such ornate what had to be 18k gold from a middle eastern country. Also, needlepoints that were ginormous and looked like photographs. The one in perticular of the great wall through rolling fields had to be studied for a while for me to realize it was needlepoint.
Then there was this! An crocheted afghan laying over a chair in Nixon's birthplace home. It was so interesting. It appears to be individual squares crocheted together. I must find this design. It's really got potential. Just think....


textile_fetish said...

So is the library actually at the location of where he was born? Or where he grew up? I don't know how these things go down! If I am ever president, I'd be so embarrased to have a library on Husky St. in Garland, Texas!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on his promotion! :)