Friday, June 01, 2007

Only a Matter of Time

It was only a matter of time when my beads and my crochet passion merge. I did add a few sewn on beads to cute crochet rings that are on my website, but these beads are crocheted into the design. I just love the textures of this ring. But I'm not sure if I'll be selling these rings or make more crocheted balls or something else and make something completely different altogether. I'm always open to ideas. Getting these puppies started was very difficult for me and continues to be, but once I get past the first round, it's easy-peasy and goes rather quickly. I just have to figure out the better way to start to keep the center tight and not let the beads fall all around.

So I'm working amongst the many migraines this month I'm having. I hate the getting-older-hormones. They really mess with your body. I have the migraine medicine once I get them, but the prevention medicines I've been taking aren't working for me anymore. Productivity is really an issue when a migraine is in progress. I hate not getting things done.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!

textile_fetish said...

I'm sorry about your headaches. I've had them since I was a kid in some form or fashion. All the great artists have to suffer some kind of turmoil, right? ;)

I do love your innovative spark!