Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I've Been Up To This Weekend -The Dooce Gift Guide Results!

Imagine my surprise on Friday when all of a sudden all of these orders for Flower Ring Sets start coming in. On the third one, I contact the customer and ask her how she found me. She responds simply " :D " and I knew right away it was a good thing my weekend wasn't jam packed because I would be needing to be available to manage my Etsy orders. And good thing I have been. It's been amazing. You see, I am on the Gift Guide for her in the Accessories. See my Yellow Ring? Yeah, lots of those are now on their way to many homes across America.

Do you know about Dooce? Heather Armstrong? She's the first blogger that got fired from her job for blogging and now blogs full time. Read her story. It's beyond words. She has a bazillion followers and she's fascinating.

It's all about social networking people! My husband nags me about being on Twitter all of the time and I tell him I'm working...well I am...well some of the time. But this time it was about my friend Kristin, who owns Meringue Bake Shop and makes the yummiest cupcakes and surprises me frequently with them(oh, don't even get me started, just check out her blog and website) and our little twitter to each other. She says "hey did you see that @dooce is looking for products for her gift guide? You should email her." (in 140 characters or less) So I did. I emailed Heather some of my products that I thought might fit her aesthetic and she liked the images I emailed her and now I am just running back and forth to the store for more and more padded envelopes and to the post office to drop of shipments. I could certainly get used to success and my husband will never diss Twitter again.
Thanks again Dooce. You Rock!


Carrie S. said...

That's just so flipping awesome! Social networking at its' best! That's what I'm talkin' about. Go you!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Awesome!!! Sometimes it just takes being at the right place, at the right time!

Steph Calvert said...

seriuosly, so KICKASS and i am so happy for you!!!

Leslie said...

CONGRATS! I saw that ring and thought it was yours. Rock on lady!