Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Unique LA Experience

This was my first big show. I never had a booth. Typically only a table to contend with so walls were a whole new ball game. Jenn of justJenn Designs and I shared the booth and she made the poster in the back with my cupcake ring. I love it! Thanks again Jenn. So I took one side of the booth.
And Jenn took the other side of the booth. Her stationary items were a hit! Snarky is the way to go. They look so pink and demure from a distance, but up close, watch out.
This is how I displayed my mixed media jewelry photo art and feather-flower hair barrettes. Very colorful!
My couple earrings were a big hit. They got lots of laughs. See the pair on the top left, the wedding couple, this guy bought his fiance that was there with him these. It was so sweet. I melted. That's how it was supposed to be. Whatever's left will be listed in my etsy shop this week.
Here's my cupcake necklace and ring display. They got lots of giggles and oohs and aahs.
My flower rings are always popular. I added lots of new colors that also will be added to my shop this week.
The fun thing about shows is that I beg my friends to come and visit me and they do. Lisa came all the way from Santa Barbara with her husband, Rudy. Love them. She's wearing my red flower ring set. I unfortunately got overwhelmed and forgot to take pictures with all of my friends. Duh!
This is Ren. I finally got to meet her. She's a writer also for Rare Bird Finds. She finds "Cool Guy Things". The funny thing about Ren is that she's a good friend of Jenn and came to our booth to see Jenn and realized I was here too. Small world or what! I hope to see lots more of Ren, and Jenn. I think I need to change my name.
This is a sampling of the crowds at the show. Lots of people. Some overwhelmed. They seemed to forget how to walk or open their wallets.
I loved this lady's look. No offense but she had to be over 50 and she was rockin' this look. She was more indie than most other people there!

All in all I would have to say it was a fun weekend. Somehow food and baked goods kept popping out of nowhere to Jenn's side of the booth and so I never had to starve. Thanks again for that too Jenn! Normally I starve myself into a migraine. Also, I realized that the type of product that I have was at the right type of show because of the feedback that I got from customers. I will continue to do more shows. I would like to do more local shows however because I really want to establish a local following in Orange County as well. So that's a goal for 2010!


My @ tha Hotness said...

Great review. Love the couple earrings. I'm working on doing more show too for the coming year.

jean/rotemgear.com said...

Love your display!

ren said...

oh dear, i don't take a good picture...it was the lighting..yeah...that's it.

it was great to meet you! and the booth looked fantastic!