Monday, April 20, 2009

Customers and Cupcakes are the Sweetest Things

This weekend I received the most heartwarming email from a customer. I love when I hear how people enjoy wearing the jewelry I make and this letter is certainly one to make me teary eyed. Got Kleenex? Here is it with her permission:

I just want to tell you that the cupcake ring I bought from you several months ago made an appearance at my daughter's wedding. Tracy loves cupcakes, in fact had cupcakes instead of a regular wedding cake. When the minister asked for the ring at the wedding, the best man handed him the cupcake ring, to everyone's delight, of course. So for the rest on the evening she wore the cupcake ring on her right hand with the real wedding ring on her left. Thanks for helping us have a little fun with Tracy's love of cupcake!



Carrie S. said...

Aw, that's so sweet! What an awesome idea - a new venture Shari! Cupcake wedding rings! Oh, oh, oh!

stacy di said...

this is THE sweetest customer comment I have seen. How awesome that something you created was part of such a special day. awesome!!