Monday, April 06, 2009

Being Nice

My daughter and I were on a shopping trip to try and find some t-shirts for my daughter's election campaign and at the off ramp of the freeway yesterday, there was this elderly Mexican couple holding a sign that read "Need gas money. Trying to get home". I see these signs all of the time. In fact, I saw one lady holding one up a couple of weeks ago with one hand while talking on her cell phone with the other. But this couple struck me. It's almost Easter. I'm sure they're Catholic. I'm not but I'm sure they want to be somewhere familiar. I had exactly zero dollars in my wallet because my kids cleaned me out, so I gathered all of my change which only totaled a dollar and handed it to the woman. She thanked me. Then I handed her 2 blueberry breakfast bars. She thanked me again. I think I probably felt better than she did. I think my daughter saw that too. What I also felt was a sense of good karma. In that, perhaps in doing something nice, we would find our t-shirts. Well, we found most of them. So in the end, every one wins and hopefully mamacita and papacita get home for Easter.

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