Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Rainstorm Challenge

Weather in CA in Feb can be very unpredictable. We know it rains. That’s a given. That’s why my son quit swimming. No fun to have swim meets in the rain and cold. Good thing. I hated watching swim meets in the rain and cold.

Yesterday was one of those unpredictable days that a simple rain kept us indoors and cozy until all of a sudden a huge down pore with hail even!!! For about 30 min it rained so hard the drain system in the roads just couldn’t keep up. In most places they’d call it Flash Flood conditions. Most people would dread this.

Not my 14 year old son. When he saw all of the water he became so excited. I asked him “What are you planning?.” He responded “I don’t know yet but there’s a frickin’ lake in my street”.

And off he went. So off I went to take pictures because he was hilariously happy which made me want to capture what I could. Obviously, the fast setting on my camera wasn’t cooperating, but you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

We should all be so free!