Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Creativity All Around

When my son decided to grow tomatoes from seeds. I was thrilled. I love his commitment when he goes outside every day to water or make sure now all of our potted plants out back are growing nicely. On Sunday, we decided to get soil and a few herbs to put in our herb planter with a couple of the tomato plants. There are several nurseries around, but one in particular brings out creative inspiration in me and most likely anyone that goes there. It’s magical.
The woman that owns it does acting on the side. She makes Fairy Gardens and sells all the accessories and plants needed for anyone to make one. They are like fantasy worlds with fairies, and antique looking furniture and fencing with mini plants. My daughter had one in a planter bed at our home a couple of years ago but quickly grew tired of the responsibility of keeping it up so now we have a nice groundcover from the plantings. So as my son gathered the herbs, I ran around and probably like some weirdo was taking all kinds of pictures.
Later that day I went to my elderly neighbor’s home to say hi and she told me about a crafting group that she and other ladies had formed years ago. “Some have moved, some have died” she reported. She said they used to meet once a month to sew, do knitting and crochet projects and learn a new craft each time. Sounds so familiar (not the died part, but the getting together part).

It was later that day as I sat under a tarp at my son’s swim meet crocheting granny squares that a dad of a swimmer began telling me of his craftiness many years back. He used to crochet, sew, upholster car seats, etc. He called himself the Renaissance Man. I said half joking (but only half) that we should all sit around and crochet or knit since all we do is sit around. That got a few other suggestions of bringing games like chess, cards, or dominoes. At least they wouldn’t just be sitting around and eating like everyone tends to do all day. Great ideas.

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