Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weekend Happenings

Artichokes are my obsession, go figure. I think it started when that was the food I craved during my first pregnancy, so I bring you the artichoke necklace which will be added to the site this week. I also made these Dragonfly necklaces. 3 in different bead colors which will find their new home today at The Dragonfly Shops and Gardens in Orange today. I love these pendants. They are a bit bigger than the other round porcelein pendants from Earthenwood Studio that I have worked with. About the size of a quarter I would say. So these all came about on Friday.
Which brings me to Saturday. That's Carrie from Sommer Designs. I was visiting her and shopping of course at her Spring Fling Boutique. Wow. Such talented artists. You can read about it here. I had a wonderful time catching up with Carrie and I got to see her studio! Great job on that studio girl.
During the entire weekend, my poor daughter spent every waking hour with 2 friends completing a biology project. So we were essentially homebound. So what is this crocheted object above? It's supposed to be a dog sweater. I started it Friday and had it all done by yesterday except for the belly strap. I was so concerned for the length of it, I didn't noticed until my husband pointed it out that it just draped over her body and didn't go down the sides. "It won't keep her warm" he said. OH NO. I was following a pattern and there is no way after all that work I was going to pull it out. So, I fudged and since it's really chunky colorful wool, I think only a person with experience crocheting will be able to tell how I added on each side. I don't think my dog will mind too much. Pictures to come when I finish. I made a neckhole even! And it fits over my dogs head. Which is a good thing, right? I love the wool. The colors are more vibrant than this picture and there is gold thread running through it. She's just going to look adorable.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for coming! It was so fun seeing you and showing you where I hang out! Can't wait to see your space! XO