Thursday, April 26, 2007

Inspiration From the Kitchen Sink

Lately, inspiration for new projects has been coming at me like a Mack truck. I’m not only talking about inspiration for jewelry projects, but home projects, crochet projects, photography and even cooking. As I look back a couple of months I had nothing in me. I wasn’t motivated, I wasn’t doing much except focusing on my back rehabilitation. This was a good thing at the time but I so wanted to be motivated to create something, anything. Now I can’t stop. I’m putting off tedious chores that must be done and making things instead.
A couple of weeks ago I ordered some pendants which arrived today. So now, the Cherry Earrings are back up on the website and I have lots of other fun new doo dads to create jewelry with. And yes, those are red porcelain yarn balls with knitting needles on the left side of the top photo which will be bitchin’ earrings soon enough.
This morning, my adorable neighbor that reminds me of when my Grandma Jean was in her younger years, was standing out in her front yard with her rollers in her hair talking to her gardener. I went over to say hi and she beckoned me inside. “I want to show you something”. Knowing that I’ve been crochet obsessed lately she brings me into her kitchen and shows me this acrylic yarn pot scrubber thing. She says she bought it at a campground a few years back. Some old lady was selling it, she says. Raving about how it had ‘wire in it’ which it turns out wasn’t wire at all, but nylon netting. And how it scrubs pots really well and it's small so you can scrub in the crevices. Regretfully, She also wished she had bought more. So in my head I’m thinking damn, I could do that. I know that I could figure out how to make one, and also thinking in my head “Shari, you have enough projects on your plate: crocheted cupcakes, the dog sweater you were going to crochet, the jewelry you’re making when the package arrives”. And what do I do? I ignore the voice in my head and head to the local craft store to pick up supplies for pot scrubbers and the dog sweater and proceed home. Do you believe that I stood at my kitchen counter and made a pot scrubber? Mine is cotton, not acrylic though and she will be so surprised.


Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous pot scrubber!

Shari said...

It's the little things. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think those 'down times' can be extremely helpful. Sometimes we just need to step away from it and do something different (or nothing!) for awhile. Creative people always come back with a bang, it's in the blood! Those are cute earrings! So springy!