Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lot's of New Ideas

I ran across these incredible Chinese pendants and had to get them. As a child, my sister and I were always excited to find out about our Chinese Zodiac and what it meant. These pendants are hand-carved and painted on bone. Each one is a different animal depending on your birth year and they are on a green silk cord with a macrame type closure that closes by pulling 2 strings in an opposing direction. I priced them at only $34.

The other addition to the site is a new Collection. Now there are 5 Collections. This is the Fun Collection; a grouping of jewelry and accessories are for the young attitude. I pulled some pieces from the other collections that would fit in this collection, plus added some new things. I just love the cherry earrings. They are porcelein cherry beads on wire handcrafted by Earthenwood Studio.

This has been a hell of a holiday season for me. With the back surgery I had back in October, trying to get through the holidays with meals to make, company to entertain, and shopping to do as well as keep this business afloat was a real challenge. I'm fairly good at multi-tasking and pain killers, so it worked out and I'm here with new things for the new year. Enjoy!

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