Friday, August 12, 2005

Watch TV!!

I'll be on TV again as a guest on the DIY Network show "Jewelry Making" episode "Crown Jewels"
August 15, 2005
11:00 AM Eastern
August 15, 2005
10:00 PM Eastern
August 16, 2005
1:00 AM Eastern
August 20, 2005
4:00 PM Eastern

Please tune in.

Also, for any of the projects I've demonstrated on the show (for which there are many) , you can find the instructions on the DIY website. Just type in the search box, Bonnin Designs or Shari Bonnin and the project links will appear.


Meg said...
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Meg said...

Ok, I got happy and wrote the wrong name! I am so sorry... so what I meant to write was I am happy for you Shari! And I will still be recording it :)

Lauren said...

I'll be watching! Congrats!

Lollipop said...

These are so cute! I wish I had DIY network on my T.V. I love your blog!