Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Got Tagged

I was tagged, what to do?
I've been "tagged" by a fellow Indie Designer. So sit back and enjoy, or not, a little bit about myself
10 years ago today August 26, 1995: Hard to remember that far back but I was probably preparing for my son's 1st birthday
5 years ago today August 26, 2000: Just got word of my 20th high school reunion. Began planning my jewelry and buying my outfits
1 year ago today:
yesterday: Went to 2 grocery stores and a farmer's market in search of good summer fruit for a decent price, took my daughter to her oboe lesson, worked on my website, emailed a friend in Florida to check on her status with the hurricane, watched a show about China, made homemade pea soup.
tomorrow: Flamenco class and then, whatever the day brings.
5 snacks I enjoy: Carvel chocolate chip frozen custard, hazelnut gelato, Dove milk chocolate, Munchos, green grapes

5 bands that I know most of their lyrics: (Now this dates me) Roxy Music, Earth, Wind and Fire, Thomas Dolby, Smiths, Talking Heads

5 things I'd do with a million $$: Put money away for kid's college, get a pool, Do a major business overhaul, Travel to Spain and stay for a month or more to learn from great Flamenco dancers, get a home or condo in a vacation spot.

5 places I'd run away to: Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Greece, and an African Safari

5 bad habits I have: Shopping for inspiration and coming home with a lot of stuff, boredom eating, computer addiction (or not so bad), shoe collection, putting off housework

5 things I like doing: Flamenco dance, eating sushi, Date night with my husband, wine, spending time with family and friends

5 things I wouldn't wear: a bikini, a hat(I look like a turtle), High heels for no reason, tight jeans,

5 TV shows I love: Survivor, Apprentice, Lost, DIY "Jewelry Making"(I'm on it), Sopranos

5 movies I love: Body Heat, A Little Romance, Hair, Pulp Fiction, Fargo

5 famous people I'd like to meet: Renee Zellweiger, Sharon Stone, Rupert (famous?), John Travolta, Jeff Probst

5 biggest joys at the moment: Getting my kids ready for a new school year, my new website, making my new fall jewelry line, my house, taking my dogs to the park and watching them run fast

5 favorite toys: Computer, digital camera, cell phone, boogie board, Viking Stove
5 people to tag: still deciding

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