Monday, February 20, 2012

Succulent Obsessed

The other day after lunch out with my husband, I walked by a little shop that sold succulents in odd containers such as vintage tins, teacups, etc. I became instantly inspired. We immediately went to my go to garden spot which I will blog about later and bought some succulents. Home we went, and I went straight to Pinterest for ideas. I also ran around madly looking for interesting containers to plant these succulents in. I had only a couple. I already had this little baby head planter with this succulent that I had to show you. Pot by MudPuppy.
One required my husband to drill a hole in for drainage. I arranged most of the succulents in this container and then I wanted a few little containers as well for the extras.
I used a little mason jar for this succulent. I put a layer of lava rocks on the bottom so water won't sit on the roots. These succulents need very little water. We'll see what happens.
In one of the containers, I came across this little teeny offshoot succulent. So I had to give it the smallest of pots sitting on this old fairy garden chair. Cute isn't it? This succulent obsession is not over. I plan on thrifting for more containers and will be posting a step by step tutorial. 

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Lisa Braithwaite said...

Cute! Rudy's into succulent gardens, too. He made this one shortly after we moved into our new place: He wants to do more, and I think we're doing some garage-saling this weekend, which may lead to some interesting planters!